I was born in 1978, in Rayleigh, Essex (United Kingdom). Rayleigh was a nice enough town to grow up in, I had fields near my house where I used to play and get up to things that would give any parent a heart attack.

I never particularly enjoyed school, although I have a lifelong love of learning new things. I think it was to do with the prescriptive and abstract nature of most classes. Einstein never liked school either. I had a few great teachers: English and Computer Studies stand out for me.

At the age of about 13 or so I started playing around with programming my Dad's computer - a Sharp MZ 80K. I remember loading 5074 BASIC (an interpreter) and finding that when you held down a key it repeated the keystroke - a new feature over the old version we had used!

Going onto do computer science at A-level and then at University in Wales I got deeper and deeper into the murky world of computing. Working as a programmer, and then after a stint in a shop, I finally arrived where I am now as a Systems Administrator. I am currently fathoming the mysteries of Active Directory, and have come to the somewhat dissapointing conclusion that Microsoft have done something right for a change. I still would prefer a UNIX setup though: I just can't work without grep! At the moment I have a linux (debian) box sitting in the office which does all that.

Another big influence on my life are the teachings of the Buddha. I searched high and low for a meaning to life, and in the Dharma (the Buddha's teachings) I have found riches I could not of conceived of.

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